Who We Are:

    • We are the English Ministry of Dongsan Alliance Church

Vision Statement:

    • DACEM exists to fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God.

Mission Statement:

    • DACEM will strive to make disciples who make disciples until Christ returns.

Core Values:

    • Build on the foundation of Gospel
    • Worship as intimacy with God & as living sacrifices
    • Model New Testament Church
    • Live out the missional life-style
    • Hope in the return of Christ

Meeting Times

    • Sunday Worship: Sunday @ 1:30 PM
    • Small Group Meeting: Sunday @ 3:pm
    • All Generation Worship: Every 4th Friday @ 8:30 (at main sanctuary) 

 Meeting Location(Promise Land, 새성전)

    • 9 Bergen Turnpike, Little Ferry, NJ 07643


Promise Land (새성전) Location